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You in a Perfume_Wesley Williams

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Dear Wesley

Your AuraVera is The Soloist.

Independent, rational and curious, you’re on a quest to find answers to both the “why?” and the “why not?” Complex problem-solving keeps your motor running. 
You prefer to work alone, finding energy within as you reflect, contemplate and mull over things. Your idea of a good time involves discussing abstractions, inconsistencies and unusual concepts.

As a Soloist, you make a contribution both in your own life, and in the lives of others.

I have put together this perfume offer for you, so you can both capture and express your incredible Soloist gifts whenever you wear them.

Your perfumer and data diviner, Michel.

FAW - FIND ANOTHER WAY: There’s no such thing as black and white or yes and no, only answers. You see through that, you know there’s more to it. Alternatives aren’t so hard to find, if you invest time in finding them. Observe, think, consider. That’s how you work. 9

To amplify the careful consideration you put into solutions, you need a perfume that exudes trust. We suggest an accord blended with a range of tree-scents and raw, aromatic plants. Starting with top notes of enjoyable citrus, featuring Italian bergamot and zesty, tart blackcurrant. To capture your warm heart, a combination of cardamom and coriander will do. Finally, we close it all off with a trail of woody, musky tenderness, driven by cedar, tonka, amber and musk.

TF - THE FINISHER: Uncut, raw, ready for a revamp: that’s how you choose to view everything. You know nothing is finished until you’ve tinkered, tweaked, or had a final look. You’re a master builder. And not just physically, but intellectually. You can shoot out a considered theory, plan or system in no time. 

To bring this brilliance into sharp focus, you need a fragrance with top notes of  litchi, mandarin orange, lotus and bergamot. We’ll follow it up with middle notes of orange, Brazilian rosewood, and marine nuances. Finally, your base notes grasp your objective mind with notes of tonka bean, amber, musk and benzoin – leaving you with a wise, noble fragrance.


BTMO - BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL: You go above and beyond when it comes to learning about the unknown. You’d happily spend hours going over concepts and theories that excite you. When it comes to compulsory learning, you carry similar energy into your studies and take your time to comb through all the details.

Your fragrance should sharpen your curiosity for learning with top notes of exotic woods and fresh, open-hearted lavender. Next, the heart of your perfume captures the gift you have for processing information, with notes of sandalwood, cedar, incense and okoume tree. Finally, we wrap up with an assertive combination of patchouli, sandalwood and white musk.

TLOL - THE LETHALITY OF LOGIC: Nobody wants to get onto the wrong side of a debate with you … you have a knack for picking up hesitation, lies, or any other body language. You’re like a predator hunting mistakes, quick to point them out. Precision and logic are paramount to you. 

To capture your depth of understanding and analytical thinking, you need a fragrance that’s wise and refined.  A balance of spicy precision with a soft oriental touch. We’ll go with top notes of blood mandarin, grapefruit, and mint. Moving along, we’ll reach middle notes of rose, cinnamon, and spicy aromas. Finally, to mirror your calm when thinking, base notes of blond wood, leather, amber, and Indian patchouli. 

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You in a Perfume_Wesley Williams

R 399.00 R 349.00