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You in a Perfume - Sting Rayon

R 399.00 R 349.00

Dear Sting

Your AuraVera is The Activist.

You need freedom and independence to achieve your goals. You got style and it shines through everything you do.

Like a motivational coach – and being a born leader - you’re gifted at helping others reach goals and are committed to helping other people in their quest for personal growth.

You’ve also got the guts but you don’t expect the glory.

As an Activist, you make a wonderful contribution both in your own life and in the lives of others as well.

I have put together this AuraVera Perfume Offer for you so you can both successfully capture and express your wonderful AuraVera to the world!

Your perfumer and data diviner, Michel. 

TPT - THE PATH TAKEN: Out of everyone, people rate you the easiest personality to get along with. You’re not biased, you’re balanced, and you believe in maintaining the peace. No drama, no distractions. You’re not into extremes, you just go with the flow.

For you, a trusty, peaceful perfume with notes of Italian bergamot and zesty, tart blackcurrant is perfect. Then, we’ll go with middle notes of patient coriander and cardamom to bring to life your passion for compassion. Closing off, we’ll finish with woody, musky tenderness, driven by cedar, tonka, amber and musk.

GAR - GREAT ALL ROUNDER: How could people not want to flock around you? You’re the definition of pleasant: easy going, balanced, patient, and kind. You’re the best friend of all, the greatest companion anyone could wish for. Your friends don’t want to mess that up. 

Your fragrance needs to be as honest and open as you are, with top notes of litchi, mandarin orange, lotus and bergamot. The middle notes follow with one-of-a-kind gestures of orange, Brazilian rosewood, and marine nuances. Finally, we finish it all off with tonka bean, amber, musk and benzoin – all very hard to forget about.

LWOH - LISTENING WITH OPEN HEART: There’s an abundance of reasons why you have a pool of friends to turn to, and one of them is because you choose to listen rather than talk. For you, talking isn’t necessary for expressing yourself. But you know other people who need that channel to vent, so you volunteer yourself. It’s all so brilliantly kind and mysterious.

Your perfume needs to be inquisitive, opening with top notes that blends exotic wood and fresh, open-hearted lavender. Then, we move over to the deep heart of the fragrance: sandalwood, cedar, incense and okoume tree. Finally, the base slowly opens up with patchouli, sandalwood and white musk.

RNR - RESPONSIBLE NOT REACTIONARY: The clock is always ticking, but you don’t carry the time. What’s the rush for? Nothing disturbs your focus on the task at hand. People count on that, and they also count on you to be the diplomat that bites their tongue for the better. You don’t mind swallowing your pride every now and then, so you oblige.

Your perfume is a wise one, containing a careful balance of warm and spicy notes with an oriental sting. Your top notes open with a confident blood mandarin, grapefruit, and mint blend. Then, your middle notes practice taking the higher ground with rose, cinnamon, and spice. Finally, your base notes bring everything back down with calm blond wood, leather, amber, and Indian patchouli. 

You in a Perfume - Sting Rayon

R 399.00 R 349.00