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Thapelo Langa -

R 799.00

Your AuraVera is The Wellspring.

There’s something about causes. Keeping your word. Putting integrity before all else. You’ll carry a torch for the right thing. If it is the right thing. 

There’s also something about chains. And red tape. And bureaucracy. And clocks. You’re at your best when there’s none of that. You need freedom like a bicycle needs wheels.

Your Parfumier, Roan.

STG - Seed The Good: Living with simplicity as your guiding principle is an art. Feels good, doesnt it just? Your sense of contentment with simple pleasures radiates a peaceful presence that permeates everything. It’s calming and grounding for those who are part of your world. Yes, everyone wants a piece of you.

Being the constant who keeps casting a warm glow on those in your realm, your essence is amplified with an oriental, chypre set of accords, blended with white florals and fresh fruity accords. Then the heart opens with nutty, musky and metallic notes. At the base, notes of satisfyingly luxurious amber, almond and woody notes.


LSM - Light Seeking Me: It feels like all the lightness in life chooses you, not the other way around. You don’t go seeking it out – but it’s always there. Planning is for other people. People who don’t find and slip into the happy zone quite as smoothly and easily as you do. Your nose for knowing where the honey is, leads you sweetly there.

That’s spontaneity. This set of accords keeps the your joy for life like a river in flow and amplifies your free-spirited style, opening with leather and smokey accords. Balsamic and vanilla help ground you in the present, before a dry down of charismatic citrus, woods and amber musk rounds off a happy dance of aromas.


AIE - Art In Everything: You were put on this planet to make beauty. An artist who injects aesthetic satisfaction into everything your gifted hands touch. You curate everything. Because making art and designing beauty Is not negotiable. It’s the way things have to be. For you.

These accords are avatars for your aesthetic spirit, with notes that talk to the imagination. The perfume announces you with notes of Cacao and dried fruits. Then a descant of tonka bean and tobacco blossom gives it its earthy accord. The final notes play to your originality with sweet vanilla and woody notes with transparent amber notes.


RMM - Read My Mind: Thinkers are the future, and you’re already there. You intuit and download in a blink. Your sense of knowing is instinctive. It’s in your DNA. You get situations and people – and your compassionate streak is a magnet for people who love you for your ‘seeing’ into their world.

A vibrant set of fragrance accords act like transmitters of your smarts. Opening with transparent orange and grapefruit with spicier middle notesof pepper, pelargonium and flint, which echo your bright mind. The end note is refined, with notes of vetiver, cedar, patchouli and benzoin. Collectively these accords radiate intellect. 


MCB - Meaningful Chatter Box: Money is never your #1 priority at work. Sure, it's important, but there are more important things. Like helping others achieve their goals and dreams, and putting them on a trajectory to success. For you to be happy at work, you need to be active and interacting with people regularly.

For your fragrance, we need something wise and generous - a balance of warm and spicy, with an oriental touch. Let's start with notes of leather and olibanum. Then, we move into notes of amber and incense to uplift you - like you do for others. We let the dry down make its presence felt with base notes of Agarwood definition to your encompassing nature.


HCH - Here Comes Help: The world is too ugly to be part of the negativity. You choose to be gentle. You choose to be a ray of compassion for yourself and the world around you. You're not worried about tomorrow, only what's in front of you right now and how you can help. 

To mirror your observant and trusted nature, your perfume touches on trees and raw, odorous plants. Starting with top notes of Cardamom . To capture your kindness, we go with a warm heart of jasmine sambac and leather closing off with amber, moss and patchouli


ACD - A Celebrated Discovery: You've put a lot of effort into making the people around you feel comfortable and appreciated. In return you're widely adored and admired. The acceptance you gift others and the way you enjoy life makes you a treat to be around. 

Your perfume should be honest and noble, with top notes of cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, mandarin orange and neroli. We'll follow that up with middle notes of serene rose, kulfi, orange blossom and jasmine. Finally, we'll bring it all together with the trusty scent of vanilla, amber and sandalwood. to get that comfortable feeling down. 


BTTM - Better Than The Movies: A myth, an enigma, that's how people think of you, sometimes. Your unwillingness to make a fuss about your feelings verbally makes people wonder what's going on inside that head of yours. Because you prefer to express yourself through meaningful , it leaves a lot of questions unanswered, for those who haven't personally witnessed you in action.

For the inquisitive energy you spark, your perfume opens with rose of Damascus, saffron and agarwood,. The heart of the fragrance speaks of your gift for listening with cardamom, jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood. Finally, we'll finish it off with natural leaders like amber, vetiver, vanilla and labdanum.

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Thapelo Langa -

R 799.00