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Scentient Selection - The Northern Star

R 379.00

It’s been a wonderful privilege to get to know so much about you through your personality quiz results. There is an enticing voyage of scent explorations that awaits you!

Order four exquisite, 5 ml handcrafted perfume personality samples, that express all the depth and complexity of the special person you are.

Thereafter you can always place another order of a specific one (or more!) of these four perfume samples you adore.

The positive energy that you can contribute to the world will be unleashed when you wear these custom-made perfumes. A bright future awaits you – just as any Optimist would have it!

We can’t wait to share our magical world of fragrances with you!


Roan Hammond (the parfumier-scientist)

Scentient Selection - The Northern Star

R 379.00