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Scentient Selection - The Lightbulb

R 379.00

It’s been a wonderful privilege to get to know so much about you through your personality quiz results. There is an enticing voyage of scent explorations that awaits you!

Order four exquisite, 5 ml handcrafted perfume personality samples, that express all the depth and complexity of the special person you are.

Thereafter you can always place another order of a specific one (or more!) of these four perfume samples you adore.

Your perceptiveness and insight will be strengthened by the three perfumes designed especially for you. When you shine with your characteristic brilliance and brightness, we all benefit from seeing things more clearly.

We can’t wait to share our magical world of fragrances with you!


Roan Hammond (the parfumier-scientist)

Scentient Selection - The Lightbulb

R 379.00