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Quinita Barnard -

R 799.00

Your AuraVera is a Magically Malleable Tiger.

You are energetic, assertive and confident. Your unending energy inspires people around you. Bringing logic and order to every task, you thrive when handed the reins.
Formulating long-term plans, systems and structures with ease, you work hard to achieve the goals of the group.

Independent, organised and analytical, you’re a natural leader with the perfect balance of enthusiasm, vision, objectivity and accountability. 

Use any of this perfumes to help express your energetic and confident nature. 


TIH - Take It Higher: This perfume captures the essence of your inner strength, grace, and ability to transform any situation into a realm of limitless possibilities.

At the top, "Take It Higher" unfolds with an exquisite combination of aromatic Tea, invigorating Bergamot, and the delicate allure of Osmanthus. The subtle infusion of Tea creates a sense of serenity and mindfulness, while Bergamot adds a burst of energy and optimism. Osmanthus adds a touch of mystery, symbolising your captivating and transformative nature.

As the fragrance progresses, the middle notes come alive, revealing a captivating bouquet that embodies your ethereal essence. The graceful dance of Orchid represents your rare and enchanting beauty, while the timeless allure of Jasmine and Rose adds a touch of romance and femininity. The delicate Freesia and the exotic African Orange Flower bring a sense of adventure and vibrant energy, reflecting your multifaceted personality.

The base notes of "Take It Higher" provide a grounding and sensual foundation, leaving a lasting impression on those around you. Patchouli embodies your fierce and determined spirit, bringing depth and intensity to the fragrance. The subtle presence of Musk adds a hint of seduction and allure, while Vanilla creates a comforting and warm embrace, inviting others to experience your magical aura.

With "Take It Higher," you embark on a mystical journey, as the fragrance blends the delicate nuances of Tea and floral elegance with the grounding and sensuous qualities of Patchouli, Musk, and Vanilla. Embrace your inner magic and let your transformational spirit soar, inspiring others to rise above limitations and embrace the realm of infinite possibilities.

GFG - Go For Gold: This perfume encapsulates your fierce determination, unwavering confidence, and innate ability to manifest your dreams with a touch of magic. Get ready to embark on a journey of triumph and radiate an aura of golden allure.

At the top, "Go For Gold" bursts forth with a vibrant fusion of zesty Orange, uplifting Mandarin Orange, invigorating Bergamot, and the delicate essence of Orange Blossom. This combination ignites your senses, symbolising your vibrant energy and bold spirit. Like a golden sunbeam, these notes shine brightly, paving the way for a remarkable olfactory experience.

As the fragrance unfurls, the heart notes reveal an enchanting bouquet that embodies your captivating and magical nature. Turkish Rose blooms elegantly, representing your strength and beauty. The intoxicating allure of Jasmine adds a touch of sensuality and grace, while the delicate charm of Mimosa and the exotic Ylang-Ylang bring forth an air of mystery and excitement.

The base notes of "Go For Gold" create a luxurious and empowering foundation, leaving a lasting impression. Embrace the transformative power of Patchouli, as it symbolises your ability to overcome challenges and rise to any occasion. The gentle embrace of White Musk adds a touch of sensuality and refinement, while Vanilla provides a comforting warmth, inspiring you to embrace your true essence. Vetiver and Tonka Bean bring grounding elements, reflecting your stability and inner strength. Opoponax adds a mystical touch, allowing your magical aura to shine through.

With "Go For Gold," you embark on a journey of triumph and self-realisation. This fragrance harmoniously blends the invigorating citrus notes with the floral elegance of Turkish Rose, Jasmine, Mimosa, and Ylang-Ylang. The rich and empowering base notes of Patchouli, White Musk, Vanilla, Vetiver, Tonka Bean, and Opoponax create a captivating and transformative experience. Radiate confidence, seize your dreams, and let your golden spirit shine bright for all to see.

LAIC - Large And In Charge: This perfume embodies your powerful presence, unapologetic confidence, and the innate ability to command attention wherever you go. Step into your magnificence and embrace the essence of being truly large and in charge.

At the top, "Large And In Charge" unfolds with a tantalising combination of succulent Pear, a hint of spicy Pink Pepper, and the delicate allure of Orange Blossom. This triumphant blend captures attention and announces your arrival with a burst of fruity freshness and a touch of boldness. These top notes symbolise your vibrant energy and unyielding spirit, leaving an unforgettable impression.

As the fragrance develops, the middle notes reveal an intoxicating symphony that embodies your powerful nature. Indulge in the aromatic embrace of Coffee, which brings an alluring richness and adds a touch of intensity to the composition. The elegant Jasmine captures your strength and grace, while Bitter Almond and Liquorice create an intriguing blend that represents your captivating aura and enigmatic personality.

The base notes of "Large And In Charge" provide a strong and empowering foundation, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Embrace the warmth and sensuality of Vanilla, as it represents your bold and unapologetic femininity. The earthy Patchouli adds depth and complexity, symbolising your ability to navigate any situation with confidence. The luxurious Cashmere Wood envelops you in a comforting embrace, while Cedar adds a touch of strength and stability.

With "Large And In Charge," you confidently embrace your power and seize every opportunity. This fragrance harmoniously blends the fruity allure of Pear and Pink Pepper with the floral elegance of Orange Blossom and the captivating richness of Coffee, Jasmine, Bitter Almond, and Liquorice. The base notes of Vanilla, Patchouli, Cashmere Wood, and Cedar create an aura of strength and sophistication. Unleash your inner magnificence and let the world see you as the true embodiment of being large and in charge.

WMF - Watch Me Fly:  This perfume captures the essence of your boundless spirit, audacious ambition, and the magic that propels you to soar to new heights. With "Watch Me Fly," embrace your inner power and prepare to dazzle as you unleash your potential.

At the top, "Watch Me Fly" unveils a captivating combination of luscious Black Currant and succulent Pear. These fruity notes create a vibrant opening, symbolising your fearless nature and zest for life. As the fragrance blossoms, the delicate floral bouquet emerges, enchanting all who encounter it. Iris, with its elegant and ethereal presence, captures your grace and inner strength. Jasmine adds a touch of sensuality and allure, while Orange Blossom infuses the composition with a fresh and uplifting energy, reflecting your vibrant and radiant personality.

The base notes of "Watch Me Fly" provide a warm and sensual foundation, leaving a lasting impression as you take flight. Indulge in the indulgent sweetness of Praline, evoking your captivating and magnetic charm. The embrace of Vanilla creates a comforting and alluring aura, representing your ability to captivate and inspire. Patchouli adds depth and complexity, symbolising your transformative nature and the journeys you undertake. Finally, Tonka Bean brings a touch of warmth and sophistication, leaving an unforgettable trail wherever you go.

With "Watch Me Fly," you embrace your inner magic, embarking on a soaring journey of self-discovery and accomplishment. The fragrance harmoniously blends the fruity notes of Black Currant and Pear with the delicate florals of Iris, Jasmine, and Orange Blossom. The base notes of Praline, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Tonka Bean create a luxurious and empowering experience. Embrace your wingspan and let the world witness your dazzling flight as you declare, "Watch Me Fly!"


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Quinita Barnard -

R 799.00