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Nojabulile Radebe's Bespoke Perfume Offer

R 399.00 R 349.00

Dear Nojabulile

Your AuraVera is The Spark.

Forget room lighting. When you walk through the door, you turn everyone’s light on: your energy carries the crowd, motivating others and sparking enthusiasm. 
Always on the hunt for new interests, your creative battery never runs flat.

There’s a spark that comes alive in you when meeting new people and seeing new places.

As a Spark Nojabulile, you can make an incredible contribution both in your own life and in the lives of others.

I have put together this exclusive perfume offer for you, so you can continue to capture and portray these wonderful gifts whenever you wear these - selectively made for you - bespoke perfumes.

Your perfumer and data diviner, Michel.

YASL - YOU ARE SO LOVED: You’re the hugger, the conversation reviver and the lucky one who’s never had a bad date with love. Nobody ever got bored of you. You coax out every last drop of joy, in every situation. You’re young at heart and an attentive partner. 

Made for you … a perfume that opens with Tea, Bergamot and Osmanthus notes, followed by an intense floral aroma of Orchid, Jasmine, Rose, Freesia and African Orange flower. The heart of your perfume beats with a floral rhythm of silky and intoxicating gardenia, delicate violet, and jasmine petals. The soft dry down feels like your outstretched arms, issuing a wild combo of Patchouli, Musk and Vanilla.


GHF - GLASS HALF FULL: As an energetic optimist, there’s just never enough time to explore what the future holds for you. Your curiosity and imagination lead the way to better things. You know there’s always a new place with new people and new adventures to excite you.

For you, a perfume with nothing short of a symphony of fresh notes would fit - with top notes of Quince and Grapefruit. Your middle notes are balanced with Hyacinth and Jasmine. The finish is a rousing scent of accords that include Musk, Iris, Virginia Cedar and Amber.


OTD - OPEN THE DOOR:  The world might be everyone’s oyster, but it’s your ocean. Possibilities for good moments are always around and you never miss an opportunity to catch them. Before every giant leap of faith, you think of the people closest to you first. 

To mirror your spontaneous spirit, the entry point of these accords are airy fresh citrus and green notes, followed by Magnolia, Pear and Lotus. The adventure stories you tell are translated into Tuberose and magnetised by the Cyclamen of this perfume’s floral heart. Finally, your enthusiastic notes are topped with Musk, Vanilla, White Woods and Sandalwood.


PIP - PH.D IN PEOPLE: People naturally love being around you and you fall in love easily because, actually, you just love the idea of love. You graduated with honours, with every partner you’ve ever had. Because why? Because you know they have needs and you work so hard at honouring that idea.

Your perfume is an aquatic blend of accords interlaced with bursts of well-defined florals, to amplify your magnetism. The opening notes echo that sweep-you-off-your-feet feeling with Pear, Melon, Magnolia, Peach, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot. The heart of the perfume serenades you with a bouquet of Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, Tuberose, Freesia, Rose, Orchid, Plum and Violet. Lastly, trusty notes of Musk and Vanilla, together with Blackberry and Cedar, mirror the happy, demonstrative side of your nature.

Please note that the above offer also includes FREE DELIVERY!

Nojabulile Radebe's Bespoke Perfume Offer

R 399.00 R 349.00