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Nasheeta Khan -

R 799.00

Your AuraVera is The Activist.

Like a moth to a flame, you draw others to you with your creative, open, compassionate nature. You are the change you wish to see in the world.  The late and great Nelson Mandela would be proud of your style. Bringing out the potential in others in one of your many gifts. In harmonious, supportive environments that allow you to work on causes you believe in, you fly. 


IBTJ - I Bring The Joy:

This perfume embodies your unwavering spirit, empowering you to make a difference while embracing the beauty of life and spreading joy wherever you go.

At the top, "I Bring The Joy" bursts forth with a vibrant combination of zesty Lemon and refreshing Mandarin Orange, invigorating your senses and symbolising your energy and vitality. The tropical allure of Passionfruit and the juicy sweetness of Peach add a luscious and playful touch, while the uplifting essence of Bergamot infuses a burst of positivity and optimism.

As the fragrance develops, the heart notes unfold, revealing a captivating bouquet that embodies your activist nature. Honeysuckle weaves its delicate tendrils, representing your nurturing and compassionate spirit. The enchanting presence of Jasmine and Magnolia adds a hint of sensuality and elegance, while the ethereal Freesia and Water Lily evoke a sense of purity and harmony. Orange Blossom, Peony, and May Rose complete the middle notes, embracing femininity, resilience, and a strong connection to nature.

The base notes of "I Bring The Joy" provide a warm and lasting foundation, leaving a lasting impression on those around you. The creamy sweetness of Vanilla represents your caring and nurturing soul, enveloping you in a comforting embrace. Rich and earthy Sandalwood exudes confidence and stability, while Amber adds a touch of sensuality and allure. Vetiver and Patchouli create a grounding effect, symbolising your strength and determination.

With "I Bring The Joy," you carry the essence of your activist spirit, a fragrance that harmoniously blends vibrant citrus, exquisite florals, and captivating earthy tones. Inspire others with your passion and dedication, as you leave a trail of positivity, empowerment, and joy in your wake. 

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Nasheeta Khan -

R 799.00