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Mimosa Mathupi -

R 799.00

Your AuraVera is The Tiger.

You are energetic, assertive and confident. Your unending energy inspires people around you. Bringing logic and order to every task, you thrive when handed the reins.
Formulating long-term plans, systems and structures with ease, you work hard to achieve the goals of the group.

Independent, organised and analytical, you’re a natural leader with the perfect balance of enthusiasm, vision, objectivity and accountability. 

Use any of this perfumes to help express your energetic and confident nature. 


TIH - Take It Higher: A captivating fragrance designed exclusively for the fierce and passionate individual with a Tiger personality. This exquisite perfume embodies the essence of your unique character, combining a harmonious blend of top, middle, and base notes that capture the spirit of your vibrant personality.

At the very first spritz, "Take It Higher" envelops you in a sense of empowerment. The invigorating top notes of delicate tea and zesty bergamot create an energetic and refreshing opening, symbolising your bold and adventurous nature. The elusive osmanthus adds a touch of mystery, a nod to your enigmatic aura that draws people in.

As the perfume evolves, the heart notes bloom, mirroring your multifaceted personality. Luxurious orchid and intoxicating jasmine reflect your magnetic charm, while the timeless essence of rose showcases your enduring elegance. The delicate freesia embodies your free-spirited energy, while the African orange flower exudes an aura of warmth and positivity, echoing your vibrant presence in any room.

The base notes of "Take It Higher" provide a lasting impression, just like the indelible mark you leave on those around you. Earthy patchouli embodies your strength and resilience, grounding the fragrance in a strong foundation. The alluring musk speaks to your confidence and sensuality, leaving a trail of intrigue wherever you go. The comforting vanilla adds a touch of sweetness, representing the kindness and compassion that lie within your fierce exterior.

"Take It Higher" is not just a perfume; it's a journey through the facets of your Tiger personality. With each note, this fragrance uplifts your spirit, empowers your presence, and envelops you in a captivating aura that's uniquely your own. Whether you're embarking on new adventures or making a lasting impression, "Take It Higher" is your perfect companion, inspiring you to embrace your true self and soar to greater heights.

GFG - Go For Gold: Unleash your fierce and unstoppable essence with "Go For Gold" perfume, a captivating olfactory masterpiece designed exclusively for the audacious and spirited female with a Tiger personality type. This perfume is a harmonious symphony of notes that mirror your strength, determination, and the aura of untamed elegance that defines you.

The initial burst of energy is ignited by a triumphant blend of zesty Orange, invigorating Mandarin Orange, and the uplifting brightness of Bergamot. As these vivacious notes dance together, they mirror the dynamic vigour of your spirit, setting the stage for the sensory journey ahead. The delicate yet vibrant essence of Orange Blossom wraps around you, encapsulating the essence of your regal grace.

At the heart of this fragrance, a bouquet of exquisite Turkish Rose, sultry Jasmine, delicate Mimosa, and alluring Ylang-Ylang intertwine like the threads of your multi-dimensional personality. Just as your presence commands attention and admiration, these middle notes weave a captivating narrative of your complexity, your elegance, and your magnetic charm.

The foundation of "Roaring Radiance: Go For Gold" perfume is a compelling tapestry of rich and deep elements. The earthy allure of Patchouli mirrors your unwavering determination and resilience. The sensual embrace of White Musk evokes your innate magnetism, drawing others towards you. Vanilla and Tonka Bean blend to create an aura of warmth and comfort, akin to the reassurance you offer to those around you. Vetiver adds a touch of smoky depth, reflecting the mystery that lies within you. Finally, the inclusion of Opoponax lends an exotic touch, leaving an unforgettable trail that mirrors your indelible mark on the world.

"Go For Gold" is more than just a perfume; it's an embodiment of your Tiger personality type. Each spritz is a declaration of your strength, your ambition, and your ability to conquer any challenge that comes your way. As the fragrance settles on your skin, it becomes an intimate extension of yourself, radiating an aura of fearlessness and grace that captures the essence of who you are.

Indulge in the luxury of "Go For Gold" perfume, a potion specially concocted to celebrate your unique spirit and inspire you to reach for greatness. This fragrance is a testament to your determination, your allure, and your unyielding pursuit of excellence—a true representation of your journey to conquer the world with the heart of a tiger.

LAIC - Large And In Charge: Embrace your innate power and unwavering confidence with "Large And In Charge" perfume, a captivating fragrance tailored exclusively for the bold and resolute female who embodies the commanding essence of the Tiger personality type. This perfume is a harmonious symphony of notes that mirror your assertiveness, magnetic presence, and the undeniable aura of leadership that defines you.

The fragrance unfolds with a triumphant combination of Water Jasmine, a symbol of grace and strength, intertwining with the invigorating zest of Green Mandarin. The effervescent allure of Ginger Flower adds a hint of spice, reminiscent of the fierce determination that fuels your spirit. As these top notes unite, they encapsulate the dynamic energy and authority you exude, setting the stage for the captivating journey ahead.

At the heart of this fragrance, the opulent Vanilla adds a layer of warmth and sophistication, reflecting the depth of your character and the grace that accompanies your power. The unexpected addition of Salt introduces an intriguing contrast, symbolising the balance you strike between dominance and compassion, strength and sensitivity.

The foundation of "Large And In Charge" perfume is a rich blend of base notes that resonate with your unyielding presence. Ambergris, known for its deep and oceanic essence, mirrors your boundless confidence and the uncharted depths of your leadership prowess. Cashmere Wood adds a touch of refinement, reminiscent of the elegant armour you wear as you navigate through life. The soothing embrace of Sandalwood envelops you, leaving a trail that lingers—a testament to your lasting impact.

"Large And In Charge" isn't just a perfume; it's an embodiment of your Tiger personality type. Each spray is a declaration of your unwavering authority, your ability to inspire, and your magnetic influence. As the fragrance mingles with your skin, it becomes an intimate expression of yourself, emanating an aura of strength and elegance that captures the essence of who you are.

Indulge in the regal luxury of "Large And In Charge" perfume, a potion crafted to celebrate your commanding spirit and encourage you to stride confidently toward your aspirations. This fragrance is a tribute to your leadership, your allure, and your indomitable quest to conquer challenges with the spirit of a true tigress in charge.

WMF - Watch Me Fly: A captivating fragrance crafted exclusively for the extraordinary woman with a Tiger personality. This perfume is a testament to your indomitable spirit, encapsulating your boldness, grace, and the exhilarating journey of reaching new heights.

The opening note of "Watch Me Fly" is the exquisite essence of jasmine. This intoxicating scent captures your confident and alluring nature, much like the mesmerising aroma of blooming jasmine that draws people in. Just as you effortlessly command attention, this top note creates an irresistible allure that leaves an unforgettable impression.

As the fragrance unfolds, the heart reveals the lush middle note of tuberose. This floral note represents your strength and determination, much like the tuberose's ability to flourish in adversity. Tuberose symbolises your resilience and inner power, infusing the scent with a sense of elegance and intensity that mirrors your presence.

The base note of "Watch Me Fly" is the enchanting Rangoon creeper. This distinctive note mirrors your journey of transformation and growth. Just as the Rangoon creeper undergoes a colour change as it matures, your evolution is reflected in the layers of your personality. The base note adds a touch of mystery and depth, a reminder of the depths of your complexity and the allure of the unknown.

"Watch Me Fly" is more than a fragrance; it's an olfactory embodiment of your journey to conquer new horizons. With each note, it whispers the promise of limitless possibilities and the thrill of embracing challenges. Whether you're embarking on a new adventure or stepping confidently into the spotlight, this scent is your empowering companion, encouraging you to spread your wings, soar to new heights, and show the world just how beautifully you can fly.wherever he goes.

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Mimosa Mathupi -

R 799.00