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Marisa Lloyd -

R 799.00

Your AuraVera is The Gift. As the designated driver, bill-calculator and advice-giver, people count on you to be the one responsible friend they can count on. Clarity is king, in your world.

They all know you by now. When you're quiet, you're handling something that needs you to be 100% in the zone.

Your Parfumier, Roan.


MOD - Master Of Detail: These perfume accords tune into your tenacity - starting with top note of purposeful Bamboo and Pear. Then, we patiently move into the middle notes of Lotus, Tea and Cassia, and subtly rise into the base notes of Musk, Guaiac Wood and Oakmoss for stability and stamina. 

GSB - Going Somewhere Big: To capture the positive feeling you get from excellence, we need to start with a marine, woody combination. The perfume opens up with a keen set of Water Jasmine, Green Mandarin and Ginger flower. The heart of the perfume exudes a staccato rhythm of Vanilla and Salt. Finally, the dry down is primed with Ambergris, Cashmere Wood and Sandalwood.

FCP - Former Child Prodigy: For you, we need a set of accords that typify your eagerness for a challenge. Starting with top notes that simulate your inventiveness, with Jasmine. Followed by middle note of wonder with Woody accords. Finally, we dry down with something to mirror your quiet curiosity with base notes of Amber.

TAS - The All Seeing: To capture your observant nature, your perfume starts with a vital set of white floral notes with aromatic notes trailing delicately but still very present, like your enthusiasm. We follow that with a sparkle of Davana, revealing the top notes. Then a burst of Honeysuckle and Rose rounded off with Moss in the dry down.

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Marisa Lloyd -

R 799.00