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Marina Prando -

R 799.00

Your AuraVera is The Lynchpin.

You’re a rare bird. Spirited and worldly, your word is cast in stone, and you actually do what you say you will. With a dedicated attitude, you seek out well judged solutions.  
Being a natural leader, you’re able to direct the people in your life - with great results. Your dependable side quickly gains great respect. 


ICDT - I Can Do That: This perfume inspires you to embrace your innate ability to make a difference.

At the first spritz, the fragrance unfolds with a burst of freshness as juicy Pear intertwines with the subtle spiciness of Pink Pepper. Delicate and enchanting Orange Blossom delicately weaves through, adding a touch of floral elegance to the composition.

As the scent develops, a bold and invigorating combination takes center stage. Rich and aromatic Coffee entwines with the intoxicating allure of Jasmine, creating an intriguing and energising aroma. Bitter Almond and Liquorice add a distinctive twist, enhancing the fragrance with their unique and captivating nuances.

The fragrance settles into a warm and comforting embrace with its enticing base notes. Vanilla adds a sweet and creamy essence, while Patchouli contributes a hint of earthy sensuality. The smoothness of Cashmere Wood and the woody depth of Cedar provide a solid foundation, exuding strength and confidence.

"I Can Do That" is a fragrance that encourages you to embrace your unique qualities, embarking on your path with determination and resilience. It serves as a reminder of your innate ability to conquer challenges and make a lasting impact, enveloping you in an empowering aura that leaves an unforgettable impression.

GGG - Go Go Go: This perfume embodies your dynamic and influential nature, inspiring you to embrace your inner drive and propel yourself towards success.

At the first whiff, the fragrance opens with a burst of invigorating Cassis, infusing the air with its vibrant and energetic character. This lively top note sets the tone for the captivating journey that awaits.

As the scent evolves, a bouquet of May Rose and Freesia takes center stage, intertwining their delicate petals to create a harmonious and empowering aura. May Rose adds a touch of elegance and femininity, while Freesia brings a sense of liberation and boundless energy.

The fragrance settles into a captivating embrace, where the base notes play a crucial role in creating a lasting impression. Vanilla adds a hint of sweetness, infusing the composition with warmth and comfort. Patchouli contributes a touch of earthy sensuality, embodying your grounded nature. Woody Notes further enhance the fragrance with a touch of sophistication, while Ambroxan adds a modern twist, radiating confidence and magnetism.

"Go Go Go" is a fragrance that ignites your ambition, propelling you to chase your dreams with relentless determination. It serves as a reminder of your innate ability to push boundaries and overcome obstacles, enveloping you in an aura of unstoppable energy and inspiration. With each spray, "Go Go Go" empowers you to embrace your full potential and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

SLM - Sneaky Like Me: This enchanting perfume embodies your captivating and cunning nature, inviting you to embrace your unique ability to navigate life's intricate webs with grace and intrigue.

At the very first inhalation, the fragrance unfurls with an intriguing blend of Tea, Bergamot, and Osmanthus. The aromatic notes of Tea create an air of mystique, while Bergamot adds a vibrant citrus touch. Osmanthus, with its delicate and exotic allure, weaves through the composition, leaving a trail of irresistible charm.

As the scent develops, a lavish floral bouquet takes center stage, capturing the essence of your multifaceted persona. Orchid unveils its seductive beauty, entwined with the sensual allure of Jasmine and the timeless elegance of Rose. Freesia and African Orange Flower contribute their vibrant petals, adding a touch of playfulness and intrigue to the heart of the fragrance.

The perfume gracefully settles into a spellbinding embrace, guided by its enchanting base notes. Patchouli adds an earthy depth, grounding the composition in an aura of intrigue and sophistication. Musk evokes a sense of mystery and allure, drawing others closer with its subtle magnetism. Finally, Vanilla lends a creamy and seductive sweetness, leaving a lingering trail that captivates the senses.

"Sneaky Like Me" is a fragrance that celebrates your innate ability to navigate the world with charm and finesse. It serves as a reminder of your unique power to leave an indelible impression, enveloping you in an alluring aura of intrigue and allure. With every spritz, "Sneaky Like Me" invites you to embrace your cunning nature and revel in the beauty of your mystifying persona.

TFNY - The Full Nine Yards: This captivating perfume invites you to embrace your complete range of talents and make an indelible mark on the world.

From the very first spritz, the fragrance opens with a burst of citrus radiance. Vibrant notes of Orange, Mandarin Orange, and Bergamot intertwine, creating an invigorating symphony that awakens the senses. Delicate hints of Orange Blossom add a touch of floral elegance, setting the stage for the enchanting journey ahead.

As the scent evolves, a magnificent floral bouquet takes center stage, showcasing the depth and allure of your persona. Turkish Rose unfolds its majestic petals, exuding timeless beauty and grace. Jasmine infuses the composition with an air of sensuality, while Mimosa and Ylang-Ylang bring their captivating floral facets, adding a touch of vibrancy and sophistication.

The fragrance gracefully settles into a harmonious embrace, guided by a rich and complex base. Patchouli, with its earthy and exotic essence, provides a solid foundation, reflecting your grounded nature. White Musk and Vanilla lend a creamy and seductive sweetness, enveloping you in an aura of elegance and allure. Vetiver adds a touch of earthiness, while Tonka Bean and Opoponax contribute depth and complexity, leaving a lasting impression that resonates with confidence and refinement.

"The Full Nine Yards" is a fragrance that celebrates your complete range of talents and aspirations. It serves as a reminder of your ability to leave no stone unturned, embracing every opportunity and pursuing excellence in all endeavours. With each spritz, "The Full Nine Yards" encourages you to embrace your power, creating a fragrant trail that leaves a lasting impression of dynamism, influence, and unwavering determination.


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Marina Prando -

R 799.00