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Dear Janine

Your AuraVera is The Coach.

What a bewitching bit of magic you are.
Warm, supportive and friendly, you bloom when others bloom. 
In tune with people around you, you throw yourself 101% into the common good. 
You spread inspiration and influence everywhere you go. 

Helping others realise their potential is what makes you shine.

I have put together this exclusive perfume offer for you, so you can continue to capture and portray these wonderful gifts whenever you wear these - selectively made for you - bespoke perfumes.

Your Parfumier, Roan. 


TGL - THE GUIDING LIGHT: You fit the ‘leader’ role like a hand in a glove. Guiding friends towards knowledge and growth energises you. Your people skills, enthusiasm and energy reels them in.

WTT - WALK THE TALK: People love being in whatever space you’re in. A chatterer, a storyteller, and the glue that binds friends, you love freedom and independence as much as you love friends and networking. Conversation, encouragement and interaction are the things that make you come into your own.


FTL - FEEL THE LOVE: You’re a romcom lover aren’t you? The type that dreams of candlelit dinners and romantic walks on the beach. Your idealism and love of love is offset by a set of perfume accords that echoes the young romantic in you.


ITP - IT’S THE PRINCIPLE: You’re driven by a higher purpose and a strong set of values. These perfume accords reflect this side of you, with distinctly Floral Fresh Spicey notes.


Please note that the above offer also includes FREE DELIVERY! Janine Myles

R 799.00