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Dwyn Griesel -

R 799.00

Your AuraVera is The Optimist.

You wear rose-tinted glasses while sipping on your half-full glass. Some would say you’re a die-hard optimist. But that’s just how you are. Why let the drama of life ruin all the possibilities for fun?
Everything is in the now: spontaneity keeps life interesting and it tops you up.
Risky situations and quick thinking puts a spring in your step. Your comfort zone? What comfort zone? Theories and concepts make your ears turn off. 

When do we get to the fun part with the results?
Everything you make, do, buy or bring into your life is part of a comforting environment you love to build. Doesn’t everyone think better in a bright, beautiful room? Course we do.


APA - A Peaceful Adventurer: An exquisite perfume specially created for the optimistic spirit within you. This fragrance is a harmonious blend of tranquility and exploration, capturing your essence as a seeker of inner peace and a lover of new experiences.

The scent of "A Peaceful Adventurer" begins with invigorating top notes of Citron and Buddha Wood. The bright and uplifting aroma of citron instantly awakens the senses, infusing the fragrance with a burst of freshness. The grounding and woody scent of Buddha Wood adds depth and tranquility, setting the stage for a captivating olfactory journey.

As the fragrance unfolds, the middle note of Night-blooming Cereus takes center stage. This enchanting floral note exudes a sense of mystery and delicacy, akin to the unfolding of a beautiful adventure. It adds an ethereal touch to the perfume, captivating your senses and inviting you to embrace the unknown with a sense of peace and curiosity.

Finally, "A Peaceful Adventurer" settles into a serene and comforting base, composed of White Amber and Sandalwood. The gentle warmth of white amber envelopes you in a soothing embrace, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity. The woody and creamy notes of sandalwood add depth and grounding, as they intertwine with the other elements, creating a harmonious and balanced fragrance.

"A Peaceful Adventurer" is a fragrance that celebrates your optimistic nature—a scent that embodies your desire to find peace within and explore the world with an open heart. With its unique blend of citrus, wood, and floral notes, this perfume serves as a reminder to seek inner tranquility while embracing the excitement of new journeys. It is a testament to your ability to navigate life's challenges with a positive spirit and to find beauty in every moment.


MTFV - More Than Face Value: An enchanting perfume crafted exclusively for the extraordinary persona of an optimistic woman like you. This fragrance is a celebration of your multifaceted nature, capturing the essence of your inner beauty and the vibrant energy that radiates from within.

The scent of "More Than Face Value" opens with exquisite top notes of Rose and Peach. The delicate and romantic aroma of rose blossoms, symbolising love and grace, intertwines with the juicy and sweet allure of ripe peaches. Together, they create a captivating blend that embodies both femininity and vitality, setting the stage for a fragrance journey that goes beyond mere appearances.

As the perfume evolves, the heart notes of Musk and Amber emerge, adding depth and allure. Musk, with its soft and sensual quality, enhances the fragrance with an inviting touch of warmth. Amber brings a sense of mystery and elegance, infusing the scent with a golden glow. These middle notes create a captivating harmony, expressing the complexity and richness of your vibrant personality.

Finally, "More Than Face Value" settles into a captivating base of Patchouli and Sandalwood. The earthy and seductive notes of patchouli add depth and grounding to the fragrance, symbolising your inner strength and resilience. Sandalwood lends a creamy and comforting quality, evoking a sense of peace and serenity. These base notes create a lasting impression, a reminder that your true essence goes beyond what meets the eye.

"More Than Face Value" is a fragrance that celebrates your optimistic spirit—a scent that embraces the beauty within and reflects your vibrant energy to the world. With its harmonious blend of floral, fruity, and woody notes, this perfume serves as a reminder to embrace your multifaceted nature and to recognise that there is so much more to you than what meets the eye. It is a testament to your ability to radiate positivity, grace, and authenticity, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond face value.


TMDC - Truly Madly Deeply Committed:  This fragrance celebrates your unwavering commitment to living life to the fullest and embracing the beauty of love and deep connections.

The scent of "Truly Madly Deeply Committed" opens with a radiant top note of African Orange Flower. This enchanting and joyful aroma instantly uplifts your spirits, infusing the fragrance with a sense of positivity and optimism. It embodies the essence of your vibrant personality, inspiring an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of love and happiness.

As the perfume evolves, the middle note of Jasmine emerges, adding a touch of elegance and sensuality. The intoxicating and timeless scent of jasmine evokes a sense of romance and deep affection. It represents your passion for embracing meaningful connections and your dedication to nurturing them with care and tenderness.

Finally, "Truly Madly Deeply Committed" settles into a captivating base composed of White Honey, Patchouli, Rose, and Virginia Cedar. The sweet and delicate allure of white honey symbolises the purity and sincerity of your commitment. Patchouli adds depth and grounding, while the essence of rose represents love in its most profound and enduring form. Virginia Cedar brings a touch of warmth and strength, representing your unwavering dedication to the relationships that matter most.

"Truly Madly Deeply Committed" is a fragrance that celebrates your optimistic spirit and your profound commitment to love and connection. With its harmonious blend of floral, honey, and woody notes, this perfume serves as a reminder to cherish and nurture the bonds that bring you joy and fulfilment. It is a testament to your ability to embrace the beauty of deep connections and to radiate love and positivity in every aspect of your life.

EON - Everything Or Nothing:  This fragrance encapsulates your unwavering spirit and belief that life is a grand tapestry of endless possibilities, where you strive to embrace every experience with boundless enthusiasm.

The scent of "Everything Or Nothing" begins with invigorating top notes of Pear, Mandarin Orange, and Green Notes. The crisp and succulent essence of pear dances with the vibrant citrusy burst of mandarin orange, instantly uplifting your senses and awakening your zest for life. The refreshing green notes add a touch of natural vibrancy, symbolising your connection to the world around you and your unwavering optimism.

As the perfume unfolds, the middle note of Orchid takes center stage. The delicate and exotic aroma of orchid represents your graceful and captivating presence, as you navigate through life's adventures with elegance and confidence. It infuses the fragrance with a touch of floral allure, creating a captivating blend that is both enchanting and empowering.

Finally, "Everything Or Nothing" settles into a captivating base composed of Toffee and Patchouli. The sweet and indulgent essence of toffee adds a delightful and comforting warmth, reminding you to savour the sweetness of every moment. Patchouli brings depth and grounding, representing your inner strength and resilience as you embrace life's challenges and triumphs.

"Everything Or Nothing" is a fragrance that celebrates your optimistic spirit—a scent that embodies your belief that life is a tapestry to be woven with passion and purpose. With its harmonious blend of fruity, floral, and warm notes, this perfume serves as a reminder to seize every opportunity, to embrace both the joys and challenges of life, and to choose to live with a sense of adventure and optimism. It is a testament to your ability to find beauty and fulfilment in all that you do, leaving a trail of positivity and inspiration in your wake.

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Dwyn Griesel -

R 799.00