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Anneli Smit -

R 799.00

Your AuraVera is The Magically Malleable Gift. As the designated driver, bill-calculator and advice-giver, people count on you to be the one responsible friend they can count on. Clarity is king, in your world.

They all know you by now. When you're quiet, you're handling something that needs you to be 100% in the zone.


FCP - Former Child Prodigy: This extraordinary fragrance intertwines the essence of your multifaceted nature, capturing your exceptional talents and remarkable journey.

"Former Child Prodigy" begins with a vibrant burst of top notes that evoke a sense of vitality and freshness. The lush Green Notes bring forth a whimsical aura, akin to the lush landscapes where your imagination thrives. Accompanied by the alluring essence of Black Currant, known for its mysterious allure, and the delicate yet uplifting Petitgrain, the perfume establishes an enchanting opening that invites curiosity.

At the heart of this exquisite fragrance lies the Middle Note, Nectarine, a luscious fruit renowned for its enticing sweetness. Like your innate charm and captivating presence, this note adds a touch of playfulness and radiance, making your personality truly shine through.

The base notes of "Former Child Prodigy" further deepen the olfactory experience, leaving a lasting impression. The velvety embrace of Peach imparts a sense of warmth and femininity, symbolising your graceful demeanour. The richness of Plum contributes a touch of depth and complexity, mirroring the layers of your unique talent. And finally, Vetiver, with its earthy and woody facets, grounds the fragrance, lending a touch of sophistication and strength.

As a whole, "Former Child Prodigy" encapsulates your journey, the wonders you've experienced, and the remarkable individual you've become. It is a fragrance that celebrates your magical ability to adapt and transform, mirroring your captivating personality and extraordinary talents. Embrace the enchantment and let "Former Child Prodigy" become an extension of your magical essence.

MOD - Master Of Detail: This fragrance pays homage to your innate ability to observe and uncover the intricate beauty in every moment, reflecting your masterful attention to detail.

"Master of Detail" unveils its brilliance with a captivating top note of Davana. This unique ingredient evokes a sense of intrigue and mystique, symbolising your ability to uncover hidden layers and uncover the extraordinary within the ordinary. It sets the stage for an olfactory journey filled with wonder and fascination.

At the heart of this enchanting fragrance lies the harmonious blend of Honeysuckle and Rose, the middle notes that embody grace and elegance. Honeysuckle, with its delicate sweetness and intoxicating aroma, represents your ability to infuse life's experiences with a touch of enchantment. Rose, the eternal symbol of love and beauty, reflects your inherent radiance and the passion with which you approach every detail of life.

The base note of "Master of Detail" is Moss, a grounding element that adds depth and a touch of earthiness to the fragrance. It represents your strong connection to nature and your ability to find solace in the simplicity of the natural world. Moss serves as a reminder of your unwavering determination and the strength that lies within your meticulous nature.

"Master of Detail" is a fragrance that captures your essence, celebrating your unique perspective and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. It is a testament to your ability to uncover beauty in even the tiniest nuances, as you transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. With each spritz, this captivating perfume invites you to immerse yourself in the magic of the present moment and embrace your role as the Master of Detail.

TAS - The All Seeing:  This captivating fragrance embodies your innate ability to perceive the world through a unique lens, seamlessly blending mystique, wisdom, and the allure of the extraordinary.

"The All Seeing" begins its aromatic journey with the tantalising top notes of Saffron and Jasmine. Saffron, a precious spice revered for its complexity and richness, reflects your innate depth and the layers of wisdom you possess. Jasmine, with its intoxicating floral essence, symbolises your enchanting presence and the allure you effortlessly exude.

At the heart of this magical fragrance lies the captivating combination of Amberwood and Ambergris. Amberwood, with its warm and resinous character, represents your ability to harness the energy of your surroundings, creating an aura of confidence and adaptability. Ambergris, a rare and precious ingredient, echoes your intuitive nature and your innate connection to the mystical and unknown.

The base notes of "The All Seeing" bring forth a grounding and comforting presence. Fir Resin, with its aromatic and woody facets, evokes a sense of strength and resilience, mirroring your ability to weather any storm. Cedar, known for its earthy and grounding qualities, represents your unwavering foundation and the stability you bring to those around you.

Together, "The All Seeing" encapsulates your essence, offering a glimpse into your extraordinary perception and unwavering intuition. It is a fragrance that invites others to delve into the enigmatic realm of your being and experience the magic that lies within. With every spritz, let "The All Seeing" become your scented talisman, empowering you to embrace your unique gifts and navigate the world with grace, wisdom, and an unwavering sense of wonder.

GSB - Going Somewhere Big: This extraordinary fragrance embodies your boundless spirit, adventurous nature, and the undeniable energy that propels you towards grand endeavours.

"Going Somewhere Big" embarks on its olfactory journey with a burst of invigorating top notes. The zesty essence of Grapefruit, combined with the uplifting qualities of Bergamot and Orange, sets the stage for an exhilarating adventure. These vibrant notes represent your daring spirit and the zest for life that drives you to embrace new horizons.

At the heart of this remarkable fragrance, a bouquet of captivating middle notes unfolds. The delicate yet radiant presence of Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Narcissus, and Peach intertwines, creating a harmonious symphony of floral beauty. Each note represents an aspect of your multifaceted personality, from the timeless elegance of Rose to the empowering allure of Jasmine. Together, they symbolize your ability to transform and adapt to any situation, blossoming with grace and resilience.

The base notes of "Going Somewhere Big" bring depth and complexity, leaving a lasting impression. Patchouli and Sandalwood, with their earthy and woody facets, evoke a sense of groundedness and stability, mirroring your unwavering determination. Olibanum and Tonka Bean add a touch of exotic allure and warmth, while Vanilla brings a sweet embrace of comfort. White Musk lends a sensual and ethereal quality, while Cloves and Benzoin infuse a hint of spice and intrigue.

"Going Somewhere Big" encapsulates your indomitable spirit, celebrating your relentless pursuit of new experiences and grand achievements. It is a fragrance that ignites the flame of adventure within you, inspiring you to seize the opportunities that lie ahead. With every spritz, let "Going Somewhere Big" become your scented companion, empowering you to embrace the vastness of the world and embark on remarkable journeys with unwavering confidence and grace.

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Anneli Smit -

R 799.00