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"There has been a shift in fragrances for the American consumer, it’s more about how fragrances make them feel, it’s so much more personal… its now about the feeling and the message the fragrance has for the wearer, as well as what works for their current mood." Linda Song, Senior Perfumer, Givaudan.

AuraVera merges the best of old world perfumery with new world tools and technology. Our AuraVera perfumes are blended using traditional perfume accords from a renowned French perfumery atelier, which sources the best of the best from around the world.

Traditionally, these accords have been available as famous name off-the-shelf brands, still loved and sought after by so many of us. Where new world perfumery comes in, is by assimilating information about your key personality traits – which, like your fingerprint –is data that you and only you will ever have.

In this contemporary world of 21st Century perfumery, our AuraVera parfumier blends fragrances based on your personality test. This data is insight-based and astonishingly accurate, matching up with accords that tell an important story about who you are and how you see yourself.

Combining data mining and tech intelligence with old school blending methods, using traditional French perfume as bases, makes it possible to give you a set of perfumes that nobody else in the room will ever have.

In essence, you are the inspiration and the creator. If you are gregarious and outgoing, the set of perfumes that we blend for you will express that. If you are more inwardly directed and introspective, your AuraVera perfumes will reflect that. Some people are naturally more comfortable and confident with more oriental, bold, spicy notes while others are better reflected in grassy or fresh floral notes.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s like the art of perfumery has finally landed.

Take the personality quiz to unearth your perfume personality. We’ll do a reading and blend a fragrance fit that matches ‘the real you’ astonishingly accurately. Once you’re on this journey, we know you’ll love it, every step of the way.

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