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The Perfumery.

The AuraVera Perfumery.

The ultimate in boutique perfumery and custom fragrance creation.

Understanding perfumery.

Perfume is a powerful and mysterious thing, and there’s more to finding a good fragrance than just getting a whiff of it under your nose. Fragrance has a strong hold on our emotions. In fact, people form more meaningful bonds with those whose body odor feels instinctively appealing. Your personal fragrance is part of who you are – an invisible part of your personal style. And perfume is also tightly interwoven with memory. A whiff of something familiar can be an instant reminder of special memories - people, places and times of your life.

5 Perfume types.

Usually the concentration of the fragrance – ranging from top end Perfume to Eau Fraiche – is what determines its price.

Perfume, which has a 20-40% concentration, lasts up to 8 hours, while Eau Fraiche lasts less than 2hrs. 

A formulating philosophy at one with nature.

All raw materials in AuraVera perfumes are predominantly natural and our business is governed in accordance with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, adhering to these commitments: 

– To develop and market products that are predominantly natural

– To preserve resources: water, energy, raw materials

– To reduce: waste, packaging, expendables

– To promote and contribute to local communities and community life

It is for this reason that Auravera chose to source our oils from the Charabot company in France.  Born in the Grasse valley in 1799, Charabot is the oldest, most established perfume company in the world and its specialty is all-natural ingredients. In 200 years of working with natural raw materials, Charabot has developed a unique capacity to listen to and respect nature.  With a holistic approach from start to finish in the creation of fragrances, it retains centuries-old partnerships with small local producers of aromatic plants.

Full traceability of production.

Involved at every stage, Charabot guarantees total transparency from seed to oil. As it begins to source throughout the world, its production line is increasingly environmentally concerned and friendly.

All perfume ingredients are purified and enhanced in different creative sites. All the raw materials imported from Charabot are combined - where necessary - with safe synthetics. Our formulating reveals the immense talent of our perfumers at AuraVera.

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