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You are the complete package

So leave nothing out when taking care of yourself

Use the art of fragrance to celebrate your own distinctive personality
Design an enticing perfume that’s every bit as unique as you are

in Latin, true breeze

In the delicate world of perfume, there are endless possibilities for creating an unforgettable olfactory experience. 

Because we design fragrances that are unique to your personality, the perfume you wear can be much more than an afterthought. 

With our sophisticated and ground-breaking personality testing questionnaire, you have the opportunity to have personalised perfumes designed for you.

The answers you give are used to analyse and determine how the magical world of scent accords with your unique personality.
Each applicable fragrance note is then carefully selected and layered to design a signature perfume for you.

Communicate your identity with individualised, handcrafted perfumes.

Everyone you know will recognise you by your characteristic fragrance.

Reminiscent of how individualised perfumes were historically created through a comprehensive interview process, our personality quiz asks detailed questions and uses your answers to design a magnificent perfume that you can call your own.

Knowing exactly
who you are

The more we know about you, the more meticulously our perfumer can go to work to fine-tune your encounter with a personalised perfume.

A sophisticated
French affair

Based on the results of your personality quiz, he creates your bespoke Eau de Parfum from only the finest, long-lasting oils.

Layering your
signature perfume

Using ancient secrets of the perfume trade, your scent accords are layered patiently to design a signature fragrance for you to call your own.

Your Perfume Options


The Scentient selection

Four 5 ml samples of artisanal perfume, as nuanced and varied as the different facets of your personality revealed in the quiz analysis.

Choose your own perfume

Based on the perfume you love the most from your Scentient selection, you can order a large bottle of your favourite one to last you longer.

Create your own label

Whether you feel like you’ve become one with a specific fragrance or find it appealing to name your own fragrance, you can create your own personalised perfume label.

Giving the gift of perfume

Your generosity will always be remembered when you give the gift of a personalised fragrance that is designed for them especially according to their distinctive personality traits.

The Scentient selection

Our perfumer’s vast experience is applied to the insights gained from your personality quiz to create unique fragrances specifically for you.
Receive four 5 ml handcrafted perfumes that express your personality.
Discover the charms of four different fragrances that each match with your personality.
Then choose one or more for a larger order to bring out your deepest essence.

Choose your own perfume

From the four perfumes you receive in the Scentient selection, you will most likely choose one as your favourite at any given time.
Receive a 30 ml, 50ml or 100 ml bottle that will be your signature fragrance and last you longer.
This lovely fragrance comes wrapped in a beautiful cotton scarf designed by the most talented visual artists.
Its soft fabric holds the scent of your perfumes while adding a striking visual element to the expression of your personality.

Create your own label

From your Scentient selection of perfumes, you can choose a perfume that perfectly expresses the person you are. 
We then collaborate with you so that you can design your very own perfume label that comes in a 100 ml bottle.
This is an especially significant moment in your perfume journey.

Having made connections between your personality and individualised fragrances you go one step further with a perfume that’s Only You.

Giving the gift of perfume

People often give generously when celebrating the milestones and life events that are important to them and the people they love.
A signature perfume is an ideal gift to mark such special occasions: Graduations, marriages or the birth of a beautiful new human being.

Custom-made perfumes can give heartfelt meaning to the present moment and trigger memories that will last you a lifetime.

Your Fragrance Archive 

Once you have worked through the personality quiz and ordered your bespoke fragrances, you will have a dedicated web page drawn up for you.
This personal Fragrance Archive contains your personality quiz results and your order history and helps you plan and keep track of your new perfume orders.

Take this in-depth quiz to start your journey into the inspiring world of personalised perfumery

The more information you provide, the better the results will be.
Once our personality experts have revealed their analysis of your questionnaire, you have the opportunity to choose custom-made perfumes that accentuate and celebrate you as an individual.


Products and Pricing

Scentient Selection
30 ml
50 ml
100 ml
Own Label 100 ml