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Scarf Art.

AuraVera collectables.

Our perfume scarf collection.

All our scarf artworks are created and printed in South Africa by local artists. The AuraVera scarf collection is seasonally updated in line with trend in colour and print, creating exposure for working artists in the region, who rely on private or corporate commissions for their income. Our mission at AuraVera is to forge more of the kinds of connections that help create bonds between North and South, East and West. We believe the ability to exchange ideas and creativity across continents is an important way of sharing cultural identity. 

Our scarves are printed on 100% natural cotton. Each AuraVera perfume comes wrapped in one of 3 from our seasonal collection.


‘I believe we are all works of art

which is why we are drawn to them

in all their different forms

we have the yearning to create

and admire

because of our identity

and being

as creations.’

My yearning to create and explore different ways to do so has been ever present. Although I am mostly creating with acrylic on canvas, the intricacy of watercolour on Fabriano never ceases to amaze me. The traces of charcoal that chase the wind and follow my fingertips are often the perfect companion to paint and the dimensionality of sculpture speaks so loudly to me. I am blessed to have the freedom to create what comes to mind and heart and my process is never the same. I love pairing words with my pieces and find that a title could be the key for the story behind a piece, but at the same time I am a firm believer that less is indeed more and that it is our unique way of looking at art that truly makes it - and us - wonderful.



Lené Ehlers is a creative soul living in Cape Town. She studied graphic design, followed by her post grad in Illustration. She then broadened her creative practise by becoming a florist. Her Illustrations have taken her internationally to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy, where her work was part a prestigious worldwide traveling exhibition. Her illustration style is bold, playful and individualistic. Her use of colour is striking and her creative process is ‘always to surprise myself by what happens on the blank page.’ Lené uses mixed media like oil paint, acrylic, gouache, ink, pencils and collage to create her unique pieces. Humour and playfulness are big themes in her work.


Marolize Southwood is an artist based in Cape Town. She completed her BAFA at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2017. She was born in Potchefstroom and grew up in Viljoenskroon, a small town in the Free State. At Michaelis, Marolize majored in photography but has since expanded her practice to include painting. Southwood’s work stems from a fascination with the constructed reality we humans have created for ourselves. The artist explores this notion through the use of spaces and objects. In her work, new realities and narratives are created through unusual pairings of the two.