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Perfume Notes.


Fragrances are grouped according to scent characteristics. Most fragrances are a blend of notes because good perfumery is about layering of scents which create their unique bouquet. The layers are referred to as notes.

Top Notes
The scent is what you smell as soon as you apply your perfume – it’s what your nose picks up immediately, but it evaporates quickly.

Middle Notes
These are also described as medium or heart notes, and they emerge when the top notes start to trail off. They make up the heart of the scent.

Base Notes
These are richer and often take hours to emerge. They’re the heart of the scent.


Fragrances are grouped according to predominant scent characteristics:
Floral, Woody, Oriental and Fresh.

Spray on your pulse points – or parts of your body that tend to get warmer. Less is more. Start with one spray or dab. Apply directly to skin, not clothes. Don’t overdo it with a ‘spray cloud’. To keep the note at its best, avoid rubbing after spraying.

Perfume Notes - Some Tips

Strong, powerful fragrances work best in winter while in summer, fresher fragrances with aromas of fresh herbs, citrus and florals work best.
It’s a good idea to have an ‘everyday’ fragrance and a different, more intense one for special occasions.

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