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Our Story.

AuraVera - boutique perfumery like no other.

AuraVera, like many good things, started with an epiphany. 


You see, in this lightning-fast, modern world that spins continuously, the best thing any of us can do is realise that nothing is certain or meant to stay the same. The most valuable skill we have is the ability to change – to adapt and grow as things around us evolve.  


Amidst all this change, the ability to clearly know and understand “Who am I?” is becoming more and more important – a strong understanding of the self is a key anchor in an ever-changing world.  Holding onto a stable sense of self helps us make sense of the turbulence around us; changing world views, the evolving nature of work, advancements in technology and differences in how and where we relate to each other, amongst a myriad of other things. 


To be relevant today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows thereafter, we need a clear understanding of who we are so we can effectively navigate the growing complexities of the world.  This requires that we deliberately get to know and deeply understand ourselves; our strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and values.  This is where AuraVera can assist you, on your journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. When you visit the AuraVera boutique perfume online store you are given the opportunity to decode your personality, as the first step in knowing and embracing your true aura. 


Supported by strong science, psychological theory and AI, we help our clients unpack their innate superpowers so they have a better understanding of who they are.  We then pair them with an original, customised perfume formulation that enhances the expression of their true aura. This means, as an AuraVera client, you have the opportunity to understand yourself, to project the best version of yourself to the world, and to have a signature fragrance customised for your unique personality and superpowers.  


When we select the essences that we weave together to create a true aura fragrance for each unique client, we choose only expert growers in regions that harvest the very best aromas. Sourcing from the best in the world allows us to ensure your true nature is amplified, so that you  have a fragrance that speaks on your behalf with notes carefully crafted to your character traits and inspired by your individuality. 


At AuraVera, we believe the world needs more individuality and less mass-produced sameness.

Welcome to 21st Century Perfumery, the AuraVera way.


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