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In Paris, in the time of our great grandparents, the ‘Golden Age of Perfumery’ still lived on. Our great grandparents would consult with a perfumer. After establishing their personality, he/she would make exclusively for them, a special perfume. The formula was a secret and our great grandparents would never tell anyone what their delightful perfume was, so much was it part of their personality.    


We are a company that seeks to return to the 'Golden Age of Perfumery'.


We know from psychology that the  limbic system, originally called the ‘smell brain’, has a direct influence on personality types. We also know that the limbic system is directly stimulated by the olfactory receptors.


These facts made two psychologists, (Dr. Joachim Mensing and Christa Beck of the Research Institute for Applied Aesthetics in Freiburg, Germany 1984), decide to investigate the relationship between scent and personality.


They surveyed 600 German female perfume wearers; women active in the working world who had a strong interest in the world of fragrance. All of the subjects (aged 18 to 60 years) were asked to sample twenty-one different perfume brands of all types, in a ‘blind’ research design.


They were then asked to wear the perfumes which pleased them most. After testing each of these on their skin, they were asked to choose one favourite using a list of fifty adjectives. Then they examined the personalities of their subjects, using psychodiagnostic tests.


Finally, they collected sociobiographical data, such as age, skin quality, eating habits, etc. In addition, they inquired about the situations and seasons for perfume preference.


With their findings they could confirm four main personality groups and four subgroups.  They were able to categorize 81 per cent of the test subjects into eight personality groups.


It is this history that became the genesis of AuraVera.  We are an unusual collection of perfumers, scientists and psychologists, using both past science and research, and new science and research, with the help of artificial intelligence, to help marry the correct set of perfume ingredients (notes and accords) to a specific personality type.  More correctly, we create a sensation of scents that work specifically for you. 


In conclusion, we use science & psychology to help determine the very best of you, and which perfume notes will help reveal the very best of you.