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Personalising the Art of Perfumery 

We bring you the joy and beauty of wearing a perfume created according to your unique personality in every season of your life.


Know Yourself Through Your Perfume

Every person has their own story, shaped by their personality and their life experiences.

Knowing yourself is essential before you can express yourself.

That’s what drives us at AuraVera. We are passionate about knowing who you are and designing personalised fragrances that allow you to communicate your identity.
Through an in-depth questionnaire process, you share valuable information about your personality traits.
We then create unique perfumes for you based on this personality chart, layering the scent notes that most accurately express how you feel and who you are.

The AuraVera Story

Fascinating Fragrances

Roan Hammond grew up having a fascination with the world of scent:
Lemongrass scented floor polish, mouth-watering fresh bread, powdery fabric softener.
Even in games, he played as a child he was fascinated to determine which perfumes matched the best with specific people.

A father, a freestyle philosopher and a fashionista who has been on top of his game even before many started playing.

Making Scents 

He wouldn’t say it himself…
But – that he brought designer apparel names to our wardrobes, and Italian quality to our interiors – is a fact.
He always had a secret weapon though.
One that he is willing to share with the world
– his nose.
The day he smelled Agarwood really changed his life.
“Suddenly I realised my ability to conceptualise things, to look at second and third-order consequences. At that moment that ability felt akin to a supernatural power. I had to share it with the world.”

Boutique Parfumier

The complex fragrance of Agarwood struck a chord so deep within Roan that he had to “strike the bell and bide the danger” of following his own Nose.
He created the boutique perfumery AuraVera to bring his vision and passion concerning fragrance to the world.
As a perfumer who designs unique perfumes according to every individual’s personality accords, he is touching people’s souls with the art of fragrance and enriching their lives.


The name AuraVera is a combination of two Latin words:
(a breeze or the soft movement of air)
The idea behind this perfumery name is to communicate the true essence of the person you are through the fragrance you wear.
When you experience the pleasure of having a sophisticated perfume created especially for you, this meaningful fragrance will elevate your mood and ease your troubles – making everyday concerns disappear.


“It was love at first scent. I can see myself wearing each one on a different occasion. One to wear every day, one to wear on a summer’s day picnic and one to wear on a romantic dinner date out on the town (like wearing Chanel No. 5, only sweeter and more me).”
- Natasha Maritz
“Thank you a million times for my fabulous Scentient Selection, it arrived just in time for my birthday. They are beautiful. The one I love most of all is 'Youthful'. It is so me and everyone in the family adores it. Seeing that I stay in South Africa, please inform me how to get more of this awesome perfume, please.”
- Janine Myles
“Loved receiving my box, wrapped in a cotton art print! Special handwritten note from Roan the Perfumer about my newfound 'The Activist’ side. I've been wearing one of the 3 perfumes, 'Being At Peace', all week, and it feels spot on for my mood now.”
- Jenny Mason

The AuraVera Questionnaire

Enter the world of personalised fragrances 

Answer our in-depth questionnaire to decode and chart your personality.
Then let us design and layer your unique fragrance accords.
Begin your
perfume journey.