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Your perfume should match your personality

We like to live in environments that match our taste, we wear clothes that represent us as individuals, and surround ourselves with people who complement our personalities. When it comes to perfume we’re no different, we like to smell like who we are. 

Perfume amplifies your personality 

Choosing the right perfume is important as part of your brand as a person. If you’re playful and bouncy, you wouldn’t wear a perfume that makes you feel cold and icy. Fragrance is an emotional choice - on first impressions, people subconsciously like or dislike you because of the scent you choose to display. You like fragrances based on your emotional association with them. That’s why when the fragrance isn’t right on you or someone else, you can just feel it.

Like us, perfume is complex - it’s a mixing bowl of traits.

Personality types fall into long, extended trees with different meanings. Fragrances aren’t too far off, they too are grouped into families of notes. Namely four main families: Floral notes, Oriental notes, Woody notes, and Fresh notes. These notes can be blended together to create subfamilies of aromatic blends to tell a story. Each note, each scent - all go into the making of a wonderfully layered and intriguing personality for the fragrance at hand. 

Take our personality quiz to find out which perfume is you

It’s our job to create the perfect perfume based on your personality type - so we’ve created an easy personality quiz for you to take and find out which fragrance was made for you. Try it now - find your superpowers and become more like the person you are.