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Your Path to a Personalised Perfume

What your perfume says about your personality...

Our relationship with scents and fragrances is deeply personal and intricately woven into the fabric of our memories and experiences as individuals.

Considering this, we should treat our relationship with perfume as more than a fast-fashion retail experience - choosing a perfume is like choosing an extension of yourself. Our fragrances say a lot about who we are, not just as confirmation for ourselves, but to serve as impressions for others - right next to factors like our body language. At AuraVera, we call it 21st Century Perfumery - we create personalised perfume inspired by none other than you - your personality.

How can I design my own perfume?

It’s simple - you see, we’ve done all the mental gymnastics, fragrance blends, and personality science for you. All you have to do to design your personalised perfume is answer our personality test. Once we have your answers - we’ll match your identified personality to a custom fragrance inspired by you.

Our personalised perfume process

We’ve handpicked notes from the four fragrance families: floral, oriental, woody, and fresh. Each of these families dive deeper into individual notes of everything from tonka beans to patchouli and all the worlds of fragrance between them. For you, we blend a complementary balance of the scents that reveal your true aura and amplify your most desirable traits.

When will I get my personalised perfume?

We’ll have your personalised perfume wrapped and ready to change your world within 3 working days - our deliveries go out from Monday to Friday until 8pm. If our drivers need to get to another door of your choice, we may charge an additional delivery fee and it may take us a little longer to get there.

Come find us on when you’re ready.