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Your First Real Designer Fragrance

Meet your first real designer fragrance - and yes, actually, your very first. All the pharmacy and boutique ‘designer’ perfumes you’ve experienced before simply can’t match what we mean when we say designer fragrance. We call it 21st Century Perfumery.

You are the designer, the creator

This is different from anything you’ve tried before because you hold the custom fragrance inside you - woven into the traits of your personality and fondness of memories you keep safe. To match with your designer fragrance, all you need to do is open up and discover your true persona with a detailed personality test we’ve developed.

We blend your designer fragrance for you

When we receive your curated personality details, we match those traits up with scents you’re most likely to connect with and enjoy as an extension of your true self.

Catch a glimpse of some of our top personalities.

The Coach

What a bewitching bit of magic you are. Warm, supportive and friendly, you bloom when others bloom. In tune with people around you, you throw yourself 101% into the common good. You spread inspiration and influence everywhere you go.

The Gift

Your magnetic energy makes you the natural centre of attention, in every situation. But you’re not a ‘me first’ kind of guy. You’re genuinely interested in people and are acutely tuned in to their needs. You’re an intensely deep observer, and your compassion makes you truly human.

The Tiger

You discuss subjects that interest you with stars in your eyes and a fire in your belly. Your strategic and goal-focused nature makes you curious about new ideas and theories. You ask questions that make people consider problems, look beyond the obvious and question why things are the way they are.