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Which Boutique Perfume is Inspired By You?

Holding something that’s been woven together with you in mind - cooked for your taste - painted for your home - it feels different. You appreciate it more - it holds more value close to your heart. Now, imagine someone creating custom perfume - just for you. Like an all-new avenue to feel like you, more than ever.

That’s what we do here at AuraVera - with one simple personality test, we can start creating custom perfume based on your most desirable traits. We match personalities of all branches to the scents and symphonies of fragrance.

Can You Find Yourself in One of These Popular Personality Types?

The Magnet

Happy endings are a thing. You wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re a giver. Nothing’s real work, is it? It’s pure play. Because you’re forever reaching out, there’s always a hand out there, wanting to connect with your pulse. Life is beautiful. Like Leonard Cohen said, everything has a crack in it – and
that’s how you see the light. The stories you tell help make this world a more colourful place...

The Gift

Your magnetic energy makes you the natural centre of attention, in every situation. But you’re not a ‘me first’ kind of person. You’re genuinely interested in people and are acutely tuned into their needs. You’re an intensely deep observer - an artist and a true creator - and your compassion makes you truly human.

The Tiger

Your intuition is well developed, so you instantly know how to handle any situation. Intuition is your safety net, and it also helps you score more home runs when the stakes are high. Your winning streak is based on a simple philosophy. You believe there’s something wonderful waiting for you around the next corner. So when you round the corner, there it is.

The Activist

With your kind of wisdom, and being a person who gets on with it quietly, you’re able to rise to the top while getting along with everyone. Great work! Your lack of ego makes it possible for you to be a true ‘servant leader’. (Hey. That’s a huge compliment.)

These are just a few of the facets of personalities the AuraVera test will uncover. There are a great many more. Whether you’ve found yourself above or not, we’ve got a custom perfume waiting to be blended only for you. Come find us when you’re ready to reveal your true natures with a fragrance inspired by you. Take the personality quiz to find your ideal customised signature fragrance.