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What your perfume says about you

How you smell is an extension of you - and it’s an amplification of your personality and your essence. It’s one of the ways you make a first impression too, along with body language and other unique traits that give people a sense of your uniqueness. So, what does your chosen fragrance say about you? Let’s find out.


In a perfect world, you’d smell like a field of fresh spring flowers. You gravitate towards floral scents like lily-of-the-valley and jasmine because you’re a warm person who likes to help others. Your scent is inviting and aligns with your love for natural elements. Floral scents make people more approachable and seem more friendly - but you’ve already got that covered.


A preference for fresh bursts of citrus points to someone who is full of energy, motivation, and enjoys a good amount of sass. People who wear citrus fragrances like to have a big presence in the room, they’re strong leaders and fast-paced. Citrus gives off confidence with a side dish of fun and flirty.


Woody scents are seen as more masculine, but if you know how to wear it, nobody can stop you. This smell is associated with a feeling of being grounded - there’s a sense of realism and straightforwardness here. But that’s not all - woody scents can be sexy and mysterious. You’ll leave someone wanting to find out more about who you are underneath the fragrance.


Aquatic notes give off a sense of adventure, gusto - the wind in your hair feeling. People who gravitate towards aquatic fragrances seem to be dreamers willing to go with the flow, be spontaneous, and keep it simple.

If you’d like to find out which fragrance works for you, take our perfume personality quiz or speak to our perfumers at AuraVera for more info.