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What to wear on a first date.

Outfit, check. Breath mint, check. Fragrance?

Just like your outfit, your fragrance and natural scent makes an impression on your behalf, working its way into people’s minds. Next time you’re going on a date, be sure to pick the right fragrance. 

People pick up your personality through your fragrance

Along with how you look, how you walk, and how you talk - your fragrance makes up part of your characteristics and personality when someone meets you for the first time. If you wear a fragrance consistently, people will associate you with that scent. Isn’t that sweet? To somebody, you might be the bubbly positive influence behind the smell of lovely floral oriental notes. 

Choose a fragrance that feels like you, matches your mood, and your look

If you’re going to the beach, you might want to go with something light and floral. If you’re having an evening dinner at a nice restaurant, choose something deeper, a hint more sensual. Your fragrance picks can be as crafted as the rest of your look. 

If you’d like to find a range of perfumes that are made for you, take our perfume personality quiz or get in touch with our perfume experts at AuraVera.