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What Fragrance Should I Buy?

A fragrance is no simple blend - it’s a spider’s delicate web of notes and scents only you can smell in the way you do. It’s all so wonderfully intimate - the way our brains recognise and process smells is a surprisingly biased system. Going back as far as you can remember, the brain collects memories and feelings associated with smells - changing the way you smell different aromas. That’s why finding your boutique perfume should be an experience.

Your Personality is Ever-Expanding

You may think you’ve got yourself all figured out, but we never stop learning, experiencing - and growing. Think of your personality like a commissioned masterpiece, painted stroke by stroke: except the work is never done - it could never be done - as we continue to walk through life and pick up pieces of who we are. 

Linking Pieces of Your Personality to Scents is Possible

Thanks to the work of parfumier-scientists, we’re now able to link a custom set of notes and match a boutique perfume to your personality. In order to go ahead with creating custom perfume, you’ll need to secure and identify who you are through our 21 Century Perfumery personality test. A sure-fire way for you to get closer to you.

Which Personality Are You?

No two people are quite the same - what smells glorious to one man might smell up to par for another. But perfume is not about fragrance for men or fragrance for women - it’s about mixing the right storm of blends together to make the clouds part in your world and amplify your true aura.

You might be:

● The Magnet - open to life, forever reaching out for light and connection.

● The Grace - you’ve got a place for everything, and everything in its place.

● The Nomad - you keep a select few friends on hand - the ones you trust.

● The Wellspring - you enjoy helping others achieve their goals

● Or something else entirely...

There’s only one way to find out for certain - come take our personality test and find your boutique perfume match when you’re ready.