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The Art of Perfume Design

Perfumes are deeply personal. It’s burrowed deep in our brains - parked in the Olfactory System that connects our memories and experiences to smells. Many of the smells you know and love are based on the fondness you’ve had for them, growing up. Perhaps lavender was the main note in the pillow spray your grandmother used before tucking you in, or patchouli was the hero in your first love’s shampoo. Either way, how we experience smell is linked in essence to who we are as individuals - our personalities.

21st Century Perfumery

This is why AuraVera believes in crafting perfumes inspired by your personality, to bring out the best version of you, using a bottle of your true aura. We’ve taken the science of personalities and fused it with the art of making perfume - creating the perfect match for individuals wanting to connect with themselves. In many ways this is really a lot like the old school perfumery of centuries ago – where perfumes were always custom blended for every customer, long before the days of branded perfumery.

The Basics of Perfume Design: Scent Families

We kindle the flames between scents to create your custom fragrance, choosing specific notes from the families and sub-families of scents. The four main families are explained below.

Floral scents make people more approachable and seem more friendly - people who tend to want to nurture others are often drawn to floral arrangements.

A preference for fresh bursts of citrus points to someone who is full of energy, optimism and motivation, and enjoys a good amount of room presence.

This smell is associated with a feeling of being grounded - there’s a sense of realism and straightforwardness here, with a pinch of sexy mysterious waters.

Aquatic notes give off a sense of adventure and gusto. The kind of dreamers willing to go with the flow tend to gravitate towards this scent.

When you’re ready, come take our personality test and find your very own designer fragrance.