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Perfume pulse points explained

Don’t beat yourself up about it if you’re only finding this out now, but there’s a *way* to put on perfume effectively. It’s not just a spritz and walk-into-the-fragrance scenario, like the movies tell you. If you want your perfume to last, you need to apply it in the right places.


Pulse points activate perfume using your natural warmth

Pulse points are - as the name says - points where you can feel your pulse. These are the parts of your body where your body gives off warmth, making it perfect to apply perfume to last longer. Perfume is more likely to last on warm, moisturised skin where it can diffuse and magnify the scent - so make sure to use some nice lotion.


A list of pulse points to remember for next time

The back of your knees
Your wrists
Behind your ears
The bottom of your throat
Inside your elbow

Now you know where to apply it, isn’t it time to get a fragrance made totally for you? Take our perfume personality quiz to find the scent for you, or talk to our perfume experts for more.