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Moods, colours, & the future.

We’ve had a rough start this time ‘round. 

Let’s face it, 2020: nobody saw it coming. We didn’t think we’d go into a global tailspin when we kissed and cheered on New Year’s Eve, 2019. The shift our world had to adjust to is a time in our history that makes the books. Now, all we can think about is the future. Living better, fuller, more optimistically, thanks to a new-found sense of freedom and, well, being alive in a world where we can see each other, hug each other, and do what humans do. 

The colours we choose tell a story about our feelings. 

We associate colours and moods. It’s something our brains can’t help but imagine. When we’re sad, everything is grey. When we’re angry, red and black swirl around. When we’re happy, the birds are yellow and chirping. Coming out of the rocky ride that 2020 took us on, time will tell how the world of fashion and media starts to take on an uplifting colour palette - one that makes us feel grateful and optimistic. No more hospital white and headline news red. No way. We’re all in the mood for something that makes us feel alive.

The future is brighter, bolder, and open-minded. 

As we look towards the future with hopeful eyes, our colour choices will become a display of life. A celebration and rebellion of life in our new, post-pandemic world. Our prediction: authentic, conscious living is about to get bigger and bolder. People are going to seek alternative means to uplift themselves and live life to the fullest, whether it’s connecting with nature or finding things that feel true and meaningful to them. 

Adding more you to you. 

If you’re looking for something made-for-you to help you express your true self, look no further than our perfume personality quiz to provide the answers about the authentic scent you’ve been looking for. Our perfumes are based on your personality type result from the quiz, helping to amplify just who you are with a simple spritz every morning.