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How Do You Tell Which Perfume is Right for You?

Choosing a perfume isn’t simple science or buyer’s luck: it’s something we should savour and reflect on, as a mirror up to our individual worlds. That feeling of being attracted or magnetised towards a scent doesn’t come from just anywhere - that’s your inner being, your true aura - trying to guide you to the right perfume.

Your Personality Determines Your Scent


In this world, we’re all increasingly complex individuals with hearts that beat for reasons only we keep close. Choosing a fragrance is something incredibly personal, not just another beauty store till slip tucked away in your pocket. At first, it might be challenging - how do you tell which perfume is right for you? But, once you understand yourself first - finding your true, personalised fragrance is only a few steps away. So, how do we unlock and decipher the wonderful thoughts, values, and principles floating around in your psyche?

How to Find a Personalised Fragrance


As mentioned above, finding a fine fragrance is essentially part of finding out who you are. Now, more than ever, finding a personalised fragrance is a highly navigated and easily done feat. We call it 2st Century Perfumery and the first step to finding your fragrance match is taking our personality test.

Taking a Personality Test to Determine Your Fragrance

With a series of simple questions: the maze involved in pinpointing your personalised fragrance is revealed - leading you to the core of well, you. And your matching perfume, of course. Upon completing the test, you’ll be able to reflect on our findings and the identified personality points highlighted. Then, you’ll be able to purchase your bottle of 21st Century Perfumery in no time.

Matching a Perfume to Your Personality

Matching a personalised fragrance to your personality is no small task - our parfumier-scientists have looked to the science of personality groups, traits, scents, notes, and combined these thinkings into a constellation of stimulating blends - only one of these bottled stars will be fit for you.

Amplifying Your Personality with the Right Perfume

Once you’ve found your magic spark it’s only a matter of time before your personalised fragrance becomes an extension of you - amplifying your best traits, appealing to your senses, and embracing the true you. Find your personalised fragrance - and come chat when you’re ready.