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How body language talks for you

Say it with your hands, shoulders, eyes. 

The body is an amazing piece of work. It has a language all of its own. And we don’t need to utter a word to get across our intentions or our feelings. According to UCLA, only 7% of communication is based on actual speech. About 38% comes from tone of voice and a whopping 55% from body language. Learn how to read the language of the body, and you’ll give yourself a headstart on the conversation, whether it’s a one-on-one or around a boardroom table. 

Here are some pointers to help you read the room.

Let’s start with pointing. Pointing fingers usually means a person is trying to dominate. 

Touching your face. This usually signals anxiety. 

When people start crossing their legs and arms, it might mean they’re not in agreement with what you’re saying.

Mirorring.  When the person you’re talking to copies your head tilt or crosses their legs when you do, this is a sign that they’re probably in agreement and the conversation is going well.

Genuine smiles make the eyes crinkle. Anything less is not as sincere as you might think - or it could be a smile that’s trying to conceal what a person is really thinking. 

Posture is everything. When you stand up tall, with head held high and shoulders back, you fill more of the space you’re in. This commands respect. Being slouchy means your form is less confident and less powerful.

Making eye contact. A reasonable amount of eye contact - about 7 to 10 seconds - suggests integrity and sincerity but if a person holds a stare for too long, it could mean that they’re lying or trying to hide something.

Over-nodding. When nodding is exaggerated or excessive, it could mean that a person is concerned about what you think of them or that you doubt their ability to follow instructions.

Closeness. Proximity is a good indicator of how well the conversation is going. If someone backs off or tries to move away when you get closer, it could be a sign that the two of you aren’t connecting well. 

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