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5 perfect colour & scent combos

When it comes to curating our worlds, adding personality extends beyond ourselves. It goes into our homes, our office spaces, and anywhere we can bring a sense of self into the story. If you’re looking to tailor the environment around you with complimentary smells and sights - here’s some stimulating inspiration.

#1 Mint & Lavender

You can create a fun, trendy, welcoming environment by pairing a mint-themed room with springs and scents of lavender. Think of the perfect place to have dinner - vivacious, but not too in your face, and all the right amounts of classy.

#2 Camel & Amber

For rooms draped in shades of camel, try scents of amber. This will match the earthy, encompassing feeling of shades of brown - making the room feel natural and rich in wholesome qualities.

#3 Gold & Patchouli

Patchouli is deep, woody, and down-to-earth, as some would call it. It pairs perfectly with a bold, opulent golden room to enrich the grandeur you’re trying to achieve. A sense of royalty, if you’d like.

#4 Charcoal & Ginger

For sleek living areas with dark woods and deep greys, add a burst of fresh ginger to the room. It’ll take your atmosphere of eclectic design to the next level - it’s youthful and a touch spicy, making for an interesting contrast.

#5 Ivory & Vanilla

For clean and creamy spaces, try to pair notes of vanilla. It’s a light, soft scent that’ll lift the room and mirror the clean aesthetic. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and calm, minimalist bedrooms.

Speak to our perfumers at AuraVera or take our personality quiz to find out which perfume might be best for you - when you walk into the room, you’ll complete it.