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3 ways to smell good all day.

Our bodies are wonderfully complex, we all smell different naturally and choose different scents for ourselves when it comes to perfumes. How we smell can be influenced by genetics, what we eat, and the kind of scents we choose to put on our bodies. We’d all like to smell like our own version of paradise and many of us would go the extra mile to make sure that we smell good for longer. That’s why we’ve put together 3 ways to smell good all day, from our team of perfumers and regular humans who like to smell good. 

Create a blend of scents from your laundry to your hairbrush

Make sure your clothes are being washed well and with added impact - they play a major role in how you smell to other people. Try to invest in high-quality detergents and use a few drops of water-soluble essential oils. You can also add some simple clever steps to your routine, like adding a hair-friendly spritz to your brush or placing cotton balls sprayed with your favourite scent in your wardrobe or drawers. Through every layer, create a blend of scents that works together. Make sure your first layer - your skin - isn’t too overpowering, choose a neutral, lightly-scented lotion and apply it before you put perfume on so it doesn’t block out the aroma. 

Apply your perfume to pulse points 

You want to apply your perfume in places where it’ll mix the most effectively with your body naturally - where it’s warm and the scent can activate. We call these spots ‘pulse points’ - the back of your neck, the crook of your elbows, the small of your back, your wrists, and behind your knees. You don’t need to spritz everywhere, but using a small amount across these areas will carry a full-bodied aroma throughout the day. Be sure to resist the temptation to rub your wrists or any other just-spritzed parts. Rather let the fragrance do its job without you. 

Shine a looking glass on your lifestyle for unexplained odour 

You can’t change genetics, but you can make small changes to your lifestyle to ensure you smell better for longer. Start with your diet - is it full of strong odor foods? Try to cut back on heavy garlic, broccoli, or fish if you can. Then, check your stress levels and how much water you’re consuming daily. For men and women, we need about 3.7 and 2.7 litres each daily. On top of that, stress can increase cortisol levels in your body. Combined with dehydration, your stressed out perspiration can smell stronger than usual because of your body’s stress hormones. 

If you’d like to pursue a perfume that’s made with only you in mind, be sure to reach out to our Parfumier at AuraVera Fragrances or take our perfume personality quiz.