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3 scents to lift your mood

Smell plays a huge role in how we - and others- perceive our environment. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up or new self-care routine involving aromatherapy - we’ve put together 3 scents to brighten your day - or just help you get through it.



Lavender is almost everyone’s first thought when it comes to scents of calm and wellbeing. It has a soothing effect, can relieve tension, and also helps for headache sufferers.

If you’re having a really stressful day, we recommend lighting a candle, adding some notes of lavender essential oil, and taking a hot bath or shower.


If you’re looking for an unusual pick-me-up on a Monday morning - besides your double flat white - rosemary is the scent to welcome in. The herbal aroma will help stimulate your body and get you going for the day. If you’re feeling overworked or in need of a kick start, try adding some rosemary essential oils to the room, using a burner or a diffuser.


The romantic scent of the white jasmine flower is popular in perfumes, sweets, desserts, and even alcohol. When it comes to aromatherapy, jasmine is known for its effect in helping to lift mood when you’re feeling down. Fill the room with the smell of jasmine if you’re looking for a mood boost, a little more energy, or romantic ambience.

To find a perfume that’s made just for you, take our perfume personality quiz or get in touch with our expert perfumers at AuraVera.