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The worlds first AI-driven perfumer.

No two Auravera perfumes - like no two people - are ever alike. Our perfumes are made to match you, your style, your inner life.

AuraVera gift card

The gift that opens people.

An online personality test + a set of customised French perfumes, blended to match.

Smell what you've been missing.

Perfumes crafted to match your personality.

AuraVera gift card

Most epic gift, ever.

An online personality test + a set of customised French perfumes, blended to match.

This is 21st Century perfumery.

AuraVera - boutique personalised perfumery.

Designed, to order, by our perfumery. A set of perfumes defined by a detailed personality test.

Activate your authentic self and manifest what’s truly you. The name says it: your ‘true aura’ captured in a fragrance.

Step 1.

Take the personality test.

Step 2

Discover your unique perfume personality.

Step 3

Experience the world's first ultra-customised perfumes.

Our Perfumery.

We formulate accords customised for you, sourcing premium quality ingredients from France.

“It was love at first scent. I can see myself wearing each one on a different occasion. One to wear everyday, one to wear on a summer’s day picnic and one to wear on romantic dinner date out on the town (like wearing Chanel No. 5, only sweeter and more me).”

Natasha Maritz

'Thank you a million times for my fabulous perfume samples, it arrived just in time for my birthday. They are beautiful. The one I love most of all is "youthful. It is so me and everyone in the family adores it. Seeing that I stay in South Africa, please inform me how to get more of this awesome perfume, please.'

Janine Myles

“Loved receiving my box, wrapped in a cotton art print! Special handwritten note from Mike, The Data Diviner, who says my test defined me as 'The Activist'. I've been wearing one of the 3 perfumes, 'Being At Peace', all week, and it feels spot on for my mood now.

Jenny Mason